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    How do I link my NVR To an electric barrier and open it via the alarm output?

    Morning We have an electric Barrier that controls access to our car park. Currently, this is done via a Paxton card reader. I am looking at adding ANPR to this. I know that there is a way to link a single ANPR camera to a Paxton controller but wondered if anyone had set on up via ANPR and...
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    DS-2PT5326IZ-DE - Motion Detection and PTZ Linkage

    Morning I have 4 DS-2PT5326IZ-DE around the corners of a building, unfortunately they don't have certain functionality (like smart tracking) so I am trying to get Motion detection setup on the fixed cameras with the PTZ then calling specific presets before then going back to a 4th preset. I...
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    Firmware DS-2CD7A26G0/P-IZS Confusing Firmware

    Morning I Have 2 DS-2CD7A26G0/P-IZS they are both showing firmware version 5.6.11 yet I have found 2 possible links to ANPR firmware but neither one is this high...
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    Tailgating detection

    Morning all Has anyone ever been able to configure a camera to detect tailgating? I have an ANPR camera on an entrance to a secure car park and that is working fine but would like to know if there was a way to detect tailgating (like a line crossing event or something with a minimum time...
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    IVMS Adding an hour to some events

    Morning I am setting up events from my NVR to IVMS and on some of the event times its adding an hour where on others it doesn't the image for each camera shows the right time so cant figure it out Also for the cameras with the right time it will show the video of the event but the ones with...
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    Zoom and Enhance recommendation

    Afternoon guys I have been given an interesting case, I have Installed CCTV on a site but the manager is wanting to be able to take the recorded footage and zoom in to the point he can read logo's on peoples jackets (company logos not brands ). they have stated that they have a camera...
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    Event Red box on live view

    Not sure if this has been asked before wasn't sure how to word it. I have seen a lot of demos of different features where it shows a green box around a person that may cause an event to trigger that then goes Red when the event triggers, I am trying to test a few events and want to enable...
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    DS-2SE7C124IW-AE Firmware

    Afternoon I am trying to find firmware for some Dual Lens cameras but am getting stumped they are DS-2SE7C124IW-AE I think they may be a G3 any ideas, I have checked the excel sheet to no avail thanks
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    HiKvision Switch unable to connect

    I have a DS-3E0318P-e(b) switch that I am trying to setup the guide says to set my pc up on or above and then navigate to however it wont find the switch has anyone had this before? I can connect cameras to the switch and they will appear in SADP but i really need to...
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    Connecting NVR to synology Nas

    Morning Guys I have a DS-9632NI that I am trying to link to my Synology NAS I have followed the old hikvision with Synology PDF and it can see the nas but i am getting the message 1727817.23GB 0.00GB Size mismatch(16GB-8TB) NASR/W I cant seem to find an actual user friendly guide to the...
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    Afternoon all has anyone had any experience with this camera, I am looking to use them in a large car park alongside other dome cameras Is it 2 separate channels for this camera? https://www.hikvision.com/au-en/products/IP-Products/PTZ-Cameras/Special-Series/iDS-2PT9122IX/
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    Standalone Security Site 4G Solar Panel Kit

    Afternoon Has anyone seen any info on these, I have seen the basic video and datasheet but cant figure out what it means by communication station, Ideally it would be good if I could add these to one of my existing NVR's
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    Adding Acti cameras to Hikvision NVR

    Morning, has anyone had any experience with adding acti cameras to a Hikvison NVR, I am trying to add them with OnVIF and they keep saying invalid username and password sorry the Acti Cameras are TCM-7411
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    Hikvision Remote Backup issues - Writing data into the disk failed

    Morning Guys does anyone use the Remote Backup software, I am trying to write 30 days of Backups to an external drive and all I keep getting is that it failed writing to disk. I have tried multiple locations and can manually write to all of them
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    PTZ Camera Added to NVR but only letting my see its secondary stream settings

    Hi I have 2 Cameras linked to my NVR via a Wireless bridge I have added them Via the Web GUI but for some reason they treat the main feed as the sub feed thus having lower resolution and bit rate.
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    Use IVMS as NVR

    Hi I have a request to install 20 Pano VU cameras each with 4 channels obviously this is 80 channels in total, I know the NVR's are not fit for this many channels but didn't know if I could use a dedicated server running IVMS as my NVR and have these installed on there instead thanks
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    hi watch cameras with Hikvision NVR

    Hi guys just a really quick question can you use Hi watch branded cameras with the standard hikvision NVR as these seem to be a bit cheaper then even the easy IP range
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    NVR Adding extra Admin accounts

    HI I have a few NVR's DS7716NI, D9632NI. I can create new users but not as Admin. Is there a way to do this? I have the option when I create a user to set as an operator or User
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    Unable to Upgrade firmware on PTZ (failed to get the upgrading progress)

    Hi guys I have 3 DS-2DE4225IW-DE that won't upgrade firmware, I have tried via the camera web GUI and a batch configuration tool and get the message failed to get the upgrading progress. Currently, they are on V5.5.71 108725 however the latest is 5.5.8 HIKVISION UK PORTAL any suggestions
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    Hikvision Corner Mount Brackets

    Hi All has anyone used the corner mount bracket I have tried to install one a few times with the supplied nuts and end up giving up and using others it seems to be the below steps 1) mark the holes based on putting the bracket in place 2) drill holes 3) insert bolts leaving last bit out...