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    Weird PTZ issue with presets changing seemingly on their own

    Hi Weird one this one. Presets 1 and 2 (the only ones I set) on a DS-2DE4A425IW-DE running the latest firmware keep changing literally by themselves. They move by a small amount (maybe 10-15 degrees) without input from me, the only one with access. Always the same direction - downwards and...
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    Megapixel IP Security Cameras - The Future of CCTV

    Very interesting article, and amazing how far we've come since writing :)
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    Face detection

    Hi guys I've enabled face detection on a couple of my cameras, but I (maybe mistakenly) thought the NVR would capture and store stills of the faces etc. I can't seem to find where that is, if it does. Otherwise, how can I use face detection, please? Any input gratefully received! Config for...
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    Enabling Motion detection results in 'invalid operation' error

    To answer my own question, for anyone else searching for this in years to come... It turns out motion detection is done in camera and a motion detection 'signal' is sent from the camera to the NVR to trigger recording/alarm status etc. I discovered this by logging into the (non-hikvision)...
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    Enabling Motion detection results in 'invalid operation' error

    Hi I have a DS-7608NI-I2, with 8 cameras. I'm trying to cut down on the bandwidth used for the older cameras (generic onvif 2mp cameras, h264, from zxtech or something about 4 years ago) as I slowly replace with hikvision cameras and h265+ etc. The issue I have is that on the hikvision...
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    DS-2CD2363G0-I vs DS-2CD2365G1-I

    Hi! Thanks for the very through explanation. I'll probably end up with the 2365 range then I think. I already have a 2345 and do like the even distribution of IR at night (which is important) so that was certainly a consideration. Thanks again.
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    DS-2CD2363G0-I vs DS-2CD2365G1-I

    Hi! Is there a comparison directly between these two models (DS-2CD2363G0-I vs DS-2CD2365G1-I) somewhere? I have tried to have a look around but can't see anything and am torn between the models. A video review would be awesome if one exists. Thanks!
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    Interrupting a PTZ preset

    Gosh I'm so sorry - that would have been useful! It's a DS-2DE3304W
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    Interrupting a PTZ preset

    Hi guys I have a few presets that are setup on a schedule to run 24/7. Essentially, point left, point right, point down, return to sequence start. on about a 15 second delay for each stage. When I take manual control of the PTZ controls, I get very little time with the controls before the...