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    From reading the datasheets it may work as you have suggested, however, the specs for the camera say that the max power is 24w which is higher than the max that the controller can supply. Is Solar your only option and does it need to be PTZ cameras?
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    Hikvision LPR - API integration

    Hi Jami Are you able to help me with something like this please. If so can you email me dturtill@gmail.com thanks
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    Advice on using the Hikvision PanoVu DS-2CD6D54G1-IZS?

    It will use 4 Channels on your NVR (one per camera) I can't see any issue with it on that NVR I have 4 connected to a DS-96128NI
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    How do I link my NVR To an electric barrier and open it via the alarm output?

    Morning We have an electric Barrier that controls access to our car park. Currently, this is done via a Paxton card reader. I am looking at adding ANPR to this. I know that there is a way to link a single ANPR camera to a Paxton controller but wondered if anyone had set on up via ANPR and...
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    DS-2PT5326IZ-DE - Motion Detection and PTZ Linkage

    I did take a look at that thread but it doesn't seem to offer anything in relation to this camera model
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    DS-2PT5326IZ-DE - Motion Detection and PTZ Linkage

    Morning I have 4 DS-2PT5326IZ-DE around the corners of a building, unfortunately they don't have certain functionality (like smart tracking) so I am trying to get Motion detection setup on the fixed cameras with the PTZ then calling specific presets before then going back to a 4th preset. I...
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    Firmware DS-2CD7A26G0/P-IZS Confusing Firmware

    Morning I Have 2 DS-2CD7A26G0/P-IZS they are both showing firmware version 5.6.11 yet I have found 2 possible links to ANPR firmware but neither one is this high...
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    Tailgating detection

    Morning all Has anyone ever been able to configure a camera to detect tailgating? I have an ANPR camera on an entrance to a secure car park and that is working fine but would like to know if there was a way to detect tailgating (like a line crossing event or something with a minimum time...
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    IVMS Adding an hour to some events

    The same version as you and it works correctly so looks like we have a bug in the new version Just testing all the events to make sure they all show now but thanks for your help
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    IVMS Adding an hour to some events

    Im on May try an older version see if its a bug in this version
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    IVMS Adding an hour to some events

    It cant be the camera as per the last note same camera 2 different events one showing the event time as correct the other showing it as plus one hour, all devices are fully up to date. also tried it with the camera directly as opposed to through the NVR and same result a vehicle detection event...
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    IVMS Adding an hour to some events

    Further to this it seems to be certain events that are an hour fast the below is the same camera but 2 different events.
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    IVMS Adding an hour to some events

    Installed on another machine and getting the same issue. Certain cameras are giving incorrect time by 1 hour even though they have DST set in there own web options and the NVR, and they are giving the right time on the image itself
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    IVMS Adding an hour to some events

    yep. Going to install on another machine and test
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    IVMS Adding an hour to some events

    So All DST is set the same, the time shows correct on the camera, it shows correct on the NVR If I check the event in the NVR web gui it shows correct. the only place it isn't showing correct is on IVMS. I have rebooted IVMS to no difference and other cameras in the same NVR are showing right...