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    How Hik-Connect App use data?

    This is my experience too. I don't think the data is streamed over the Internet if you are on the same LAN. When you are not on your LAN it goes directly from your LAN to your mobile device via whichever ISP you are using at the time. Hik-Connect is just another form of dynamic DNS update...
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    MacOS What is the best Mac Solutions for accessing and viewing cameras?

    I've had a look at that but as far as I can tell you can't manage the cameras with it and it's really intended to take the video feeds from the cameras and do it's own video content analysis. It's very nice for what it does and I've considered it for doing things the NVR can't (like integration...
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    MacOS What is the best Mac Solutions for accessing and viewing cameras?

    I've been using Parallels with Windows 10 and iVMS for a few months now. It's not perfect. One one of my Macs it's slow and on the other it is acceptable. It's a lot better than iVMS directly on a Mac though. If you can give it a try with a Parallels trial it's worth a go just to see how it...
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    Replace ColorVu with a darkfighter turret for better night vision?

    I don't know if this is a sensible option, but the ColorVu cameras are pretty good even with a low level of light. Have you thought about some battery powered PIR lights you could mount on the fence (maybe the wall) to light the alley? I bought some of these back in July for the darker end of...
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    Does firmware v5.7.1 enable polygon shaped (not rectangular) privacy mask?

    Yes, that sounds like a nightmare. We're going off topic a bit but I'll just mention this. I found that most times the the motion detection area was still stored in the NVR and all I needed to do was apply it again from there. If you are running the cameras without an NVR that's not going to...
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    Does firmware v5.7.1 enable polygon shaped (not rectangular) privacy mask?

    You're right. For the first two weeks I thought I was doing something wrong when I saw the motion detection area had changed/reset. It's about time it was fixed. That said, it doesn't seem to happen on that camera I mentioned above which is part of the new confusingly named (C)/G5 series.
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    Does firmware v5.7.1 enable polygon shaped (not rectangular) privacy mask?

    I've got v5.7.1 build 211009 running on a DS-2CD2547G2-LS and it's still the same rectangle as usual unfortunately. I would love it to be a polygon with more sides like the motion detection area is. What I don't know is if this would be different for your camera.
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    Hik-Connect Cannot Get Push Notifications

    This may not be relevant given the comments you made about enabling email notifications but... I remember reading somewhere that Hik-Connect will only send you notifications one per minute and in my experience that's the case. Two close event generate only the alert for the first one, yet I do...
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    Dome camera for property entrance?

    Have you considered the Hikvision door station products like this one: https://www.use-ip.co.uk/hikvision-ds-kis603-p-video-intercom-pro-door-station-kit.html ? If you don't mind me saying, you have a lovely looking porch and I would myself be reluctant to put anything larger in there just...
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    Dome camera for property entrance?

    I've recently bought one of these for an enclosed porch and the 2.8mm was fine for me. Admittedly my situation is different as I have an outer door but even inside the porch at 1m or more from the camera I hadn't noticed any very significant blurring so you might be OK. Less than 1m it would be...
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    Need help with my CCTV motion/event detect settings

    @Kyle You've got me thinking about this some more now. I see a setting for "receive events but not push notifications" in the iOS app but of course that would apply to everything as I only have the one device set up. However, this brings me to another question. The app icon often shows a count...
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    Need help with my CCTV motion/event detect settings

    This isn't really events playback though? It's more like notified events playback? In other words to see all events you would have to have them all sent to your mobile device as notifications?
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    How-to: How Do You Setup Event Pre & Post Recording for a Hikvision Camera?

    I've had my Hikvision set up a few months now and I've noticed something has changed. I thought it was explained by what you said above but after some testing it isn't. I started with 2 x 4 Mp cameras and Event recording only and I got the 5s pre-record period (or whatever I set it to) and...
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    Playback With Clock Changes?

    I've seen something similar too. The NVR adjusted its time correctly. The on screen display clocks did not. It seems to me that the only time the cameras sync with the NVR are when they first make a network connection with it (i.e. rebooting the NVR or the cameras - not all my cameras are...
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    Hikvision AcuSense/ColorVu with a 4 Channel NVR?

    Hi @Dan I thought this might be your reply. I've been using iVMS-4200 for Windows running in Parallels Desktop for Mac and that is a better experience than iVMS-4200 for Mac which is slow and can crash. I was hoping to move away from needing Windows but apparently that's not going to happen...